How to be a good friend

Indeed, any true friendship is heavenly! We as social animals always search for a better one. But there are unspoken rules regarding How to be a good friend. Today we will discuss that briefly.


How to be a good friend:


Trust: You need to start trusting one to build the foundation of the friendship. The more time results in growing faith in each other.


Support: You should support them every time they need one without any expectation. You need to sustain that support as long as you can.


Confidence: Making a new friend always has a negative side regarding confidence. Yet if you trust and let your future possible friend set yourself as a trustworthy one, you will have a long-lasting friendship for real.


Maintain Secret: In every relationship, keeping secrecy is a must-have thing. Don’t ever backstab anyone, and if you are faithful and do your part, you will get a friend who can also become your ‘heart locker’!


Be together: No matter what the situation is, always stay with the person and provide all the support that they need. It’s not always financial; sometimes a tiny and strong mental support means a lot for someone.


Lastly, there are no accurate parameters for friendship. If you stay close or in a different region, the bond of friendship will keep you, people, together and happy!

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